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To help raise awareness about agricultural co-operatives, a few years ago we published a brochure showcasing about 30 of our members co-ops. These provide some of the best examples of Scotland’s dynamic farmers’ co-ops that prove their value to members year after year. Each page features a different co-op and describes the services and scale that enable their farmer members to achieve extra profit through co-operation. It also describes, in the own words of someone from the co-op, what co-operation means to them.


We have since produced an updated version of the brochure. Find out more here about the work of SAOS and some of our member co-ops and about co-operation in general from this brochure:

Farmer Co-operation in Scotland

You can still also Download the original brochure pdf


Did you know?

• Co-operation opens up many opportunities that are not available to individual farmers: shared investment and shared costs; access to markets through larger scale; quality control and assurance; added value food manufacturing and branding; innovation in production and risk management.

• Co-operation is about self-help and accepting responsibility for determining our own future. Working together helps to safeguard the future of family farms by providing the advantages of collective sharing and scale, while retaining individual family farm businesses.

• All co-ops are built on a set of underlying principles established by the International Co-operative Alliance that provide essential assurances that farmers hold dear: equitability (benefit in proportion to use); fairness (no unfair advantage to any members); transparency (all information is open to members) and democracy (all have an equal or equitable voice).

• As well as investment by farmers over the generations, the Scottish Government and Scottish administrations have been strong supporters of farmers’ co-ops through the provision of capital grants and through support for the agricultural co-op specialist development services of SAOS.


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