SAOS ‘Co-op Shorts’ videos

We’re compiling a collection of videos of some of our member businesses which we’re calling Co-op Shorts. Not only will these give viewers an idea of the wide range of products produced and marketed, but they also give members the opportunity to talk about their co-op and give an insight into why being a member is so beneficial.

Find out more about some of the benefits of co-ops by watching our ‘Co-op Shorts’ videos:

Watch our video on the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group:

Watch the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group video:

Watch our video on East of Scotland Farmers:

Watch our video on Farm Stock Scotland:

Watch our video on Grampian Growers:

Watch our video on Lewis Crofters:

Watch our video on Tarff Valley:

Watch the Tayforth Machinery Ring video:


Here’s the first video we created with Aberdeen Grain:









 Watch this space for future videos!