Top performing co-ops

Scotland’s Machinery Rings 

Membership numbers 2018Throughput 2018
Borders Machinery Ring980£7m
Tayforth Machinery Ring1063£15m
Rural Services202£2.1m
South West Machinery Ring86£0.7m
Caithness Machinery Ring175£0.5m
Lothian Machinery Ring258£2.3m
Orkney Business Ring311£2m
Last year7138£76.6m

UK Top 50 Agricultural Co-ops:

Organisation NameTurnoverNumber of Members
Arla Milk Link Limited£2.2b2,395
Openfield Group Limited£655m3,926
Mole Valley Farmers Limited£464m
Dale Farm Co-operative Limited£421m1,619
Fane Valley Co-operative Society Limited£321m1,217
Berry Gardens Growers Limited£319m54
Anglia Farmers Limited£230m3,182
First Milk Limited£253m859
Fram Farmers Limited£179m1,185
LacPatrick Dairies (NI) Limited£176m1,000
GrainCo Limited£153m
ANM Group Limited£125m4,732
United Oilseed Producers Limited£117m3,203
Woldmarsh Producers Limited£102m960
United Farmers Limited£100m23
Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative Limited£92m200
Agricultural Central Trading Limited£91m3,766
Brandsby Agricultural Trading Association Limited£91m4,077
Farm Fresh PO Limited£84m13
G's Growers Limited£79m22
Yorkshire Farmers Livestock Marketing Limited£66m263
Scottish Pig Producers Limited£64m75
Tarff Valley Limited£60m1,074
Scotlean Pigs Limited£59m84
Speciality Produce Limited£55m13
Ringlink (Scotland) Limited£54m2,934
Long Clawson Dairy Limited£53m131
Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers Limited£45m7,149
Southern Farmers Limited£35m1,000
South Caernarvon Creameries Limited£33m122
Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group Limited£27m19
Bedfordshire Growers Limited£22m35
Aspatria Farmers Limited£22m935
Society of Growers of Topfruit Limited£19m17
East of Scotland Farmers Limited£19m332
Farm Stock (Scotland) Limited£18m6
Hay and Brecon Farmers Limited£17m1,111
Dengie Crops Limited£17m
Fresh Growers Limited£16m
East of Scotland Growers Limited£15m18
Littleton & Badsey Growers Limited£15m433
Tayforth Machinery Ring Limited£15m1,063
Coastal Grains Marketing Limited£15m104
South Armagh Farming Enterprises Limited£15m3,003
North East Grains Limited£13m87
Camgrain Stores Limited£12m514
Furness and South Cumberland Supply Association Limited£12m869
Weald Granary Limited£11m194
Orkney Fishermen's Society Limited£11m182
South West Lancashire Farmers Limited£10m559