Booklet Circulated to Raise Awareness of Co-operation and Collaboration in Scottish Agriculture

SAOS has updated its booklet to help promote awareness of the huge potential for Scotland’s farming, food and drink industries through further co-operation and collaboration. The booklet provides information on many of the dynamic farmer co-ops in Scotland and gives examples of the services and scale that enable their farmer members to achieve extra profit through co-operation.

The Lane family, members of Scotlean Pigs, who feature in the booklet.

(The Lane family, of Middlebie Rigg near Lockerbie, are members of Scotlean Pigs and feature in the new brochure.)

SAOS Chairman, George Lawrie, said: “The booklet gives examples of the tremendous strength and breadth of co-operation in Scotland and touches on the potential for Scotland’s farming, food and drink industries through further co-operation and collaboration. The Scottish Government’s Vision for Agriculture highlights the importance of agriculture, the environment and the wider economy in Scotland. Co-ops deliver valuable productivity and resource efficiency as well as resilience to challenges, such as market volatility and climate change.

NFU Scotland Chairman, Allan Bowie, gave his support for the booklet which will be sent to all NFU Scotland members this week with their Scottish Farming Leader: “I would recommend all members take time and read this booklet. Collaboration within the industry will be what gives us the competitive edge to counter the many challenges that face farm businesses. I welcome SAOS’s initiative in raising awareness of further co-operation to NFU Scotland members which in the long term can only be of benefit to the farming industry.”

George Lawrie closed by adding: “More co-operation has immense potential, not only in agriculture but also the food and drink industries. A more collaborative supply chain means better understanding, greater knowledge, and more confidence to maximise the opportunities that are, and could be, available. Scotland has an enviable reputation for some of the best natural produce in the world, but we need to be smarter, more efficient, more resilient and more innovative – and all that with the right environmental credentials. Collaboration has never been more important.”



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