SAOS Conference 2015 Presentations

The 2015 SAOS Members’ day and conference was focussed on ‘Leadership in Agricultural Co-ops’.

The conference was opened by SAOS’ Chief Executive, James Graham, who asked what good leadership actually looks like and went on to show us why it’s so important:

James Graham, SAOS Chief Executive – SAOS Conference Presentation

We were then offered a view on ‘Megatrends’ and the resulting implications for leaders of co-ops involved in food supply chains, by Sebastien Murbach of PWC, Paris:

Sebastien Murbach, PWC – SAOS Conference Presentation

The next session focussed on Leadership Strategy and Challenges and we heard from Erik Bredholt, Chairman of Danish Crown, and Pat Machray OBE, who is Chief Executive of the ANM Group:

Erik Bredholt, Danish Crown – SAOS Conference Presentation

Pat Machray, ANM Group – SAOS Conference Presentation

Our final presentation was provided by Gail Ellis, who is a Director of Greenburn Associates, an agency specialising in merging employment law and workplace psychology.

Gail Ellis, Greenburn – SAOS Conference Presentation