SAOS Conference 2018 Presentations

2SAOS Conference 2018 was focussed on ‘Opportunities for Value Through Collaboration’.

Professor Daniel Côté, University of Montreal, addressed the idea of ‘Co-creating Value Through Co-operation Strategy’. Daniel participated in our 2005 Conference and has influenced the emphasis of our co-op development work.

Prof Daniel Côté – SAOS Conf 18 Presentation



Professor Jan Godsell of the University of Warwick spoke on ‘Designing Fairer Collaborative Supply Chains’, and gave her insights into successful supply chain design and fair value allocation.

Prof Jan Godsell  – SAOS Conf 18 Presentation



We also heard from one of our panel session members, who each concentrated on a different aspect within the topic ‘Opportunities for Value Through Collaboration’. These presentations were then followed by questions from the floor and discussion, facilitated by Ken Rundle.

Our panel comprised:
Rory Christie, Chairman, Milk Suppliers Association Rory Christie – panel slides – SAOS Conf 18
Andy McGowan, Managing Director, Scottish Pig Producers Andy McGowan – panel slides – SAOS Conf 18
Denis Overton, Vice Chairman, Scotland Food & Drink
James Graham, Chief Executive, SAOS James Graham – panel slides – SAOS Conf 18