Filming with Scottish Agronomy for new ‘Co-op Short’ video

Thursday 18th Oct

George Noble and I (Jenn Grant) had a great morning filming with Scottish Agronomy for our latest ‘Co-op Short’ video. We haven’t done one of these for ages and it was great to get back into the swing of things, especially with such an interesting co-op, and on a lovely day!

Scottish Agronomy is the leading Scottish arable research and advice organisation, and undertakes the most extensive trials work of any Scottish organisation. It was great for us to find out more about the trials and how the information that is gleaned from these is invaluable to Scottish Agronomy’s farmer members through a number of services.

What was also clear was how valuable it is to members that the advice is impartial, and that farmers can have as much or as little information as they want, through the different service options. There was obviously added-value in the group membership, which also provided a social element and a great sounding board for ideas and discussion.

The editing job now begins and the video won’t be ‘out’ for a while, but watch this space!  Thanks to Andrew Gilchrist, MD of Scottish Agronomy and co-op member, Andrew Baird, for their time.
ScotAgronPictured left is an aerial view of one of Scottish Agronomy’s crop trial areas.

Our earlier videos are at on YouTube at SAOS – Scottish Farmer Co-ops