Helen Glass reports on Thursday’s Make Innovation Happen webinar

Time is Money – using a webinar to inspire time-saving innovations for food and drink companies

As a delivery partner in Make Innovation Happen, SAOS’ Helen Glass was involved in bringing together an Industry 4.0 themed seminar last week, looking at creating and saving time for food businesses. A first for Helen was that the seminar was delivered as a webinar – the perfect way to make good use of time!

“With invaluable support from Jeya Calder at HIE, the speakers and myself were introduced to the functional and easy to use software prior to the event – and with Jeya in the background providing technical support on the day, despite having around 30 delegates online, everything went smoothly. All the presentations will be edited into one video on Youtube so that it can reach even more businesses.

“Within a strict 45 minute timeframe, the webinar introduced Industry 4.0 (commonly known as the fourth industrial revolution) as the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Increasingly we see how innovation plays a part in optimising operations and, with industry 4.0 on the horizon, the opportunities for food and drink businesses to save time in production processes and drive benefits to the bottom line have never been greater. Our expert speakers delivered short presentations to highlight different ways that Industry 4.0 can impact on businesses to create and save time.  The webinar concluded with signposting where businesses can go for more help – SAOS’ next move is to visit the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre to explore how identifying and implementing existing and new connectivity technology into agriculture applications will assist our co-ops. The goal is how to achieve increased operational performance through generating data for key decision making strategies.

“Such was the success of the software it makes you think how this and similar remote meeting software can be used in businesses to facilitate meetings and bring training to colleagues, customers and members who may be spread across the country.  Although face to face events will always be part of the mix, particularly when thinking about innovation, webinars seem to be an ideal way to reach delegates who find it difficult to leave the workplace.

“If you would like to receive a link to the webinar to watch from your own workspace, just drop us an email.”