This week we ran the Co-op Chairmen’s Forum

Jim Booth tells us about the SAOS Co-op Chairmen Forum that took place this week at Huntingtower Hotel.

“We had a very successful forum meeting earlier this week. There is simply tremendous value in getting a group of co-op chairman (and vice chairs) in the same room. The forum’s purpose was certainly achieved:

  • To facilitate co-op chairmen to come together to share knowledge, experiences and identify best practice in a safe, closed environment
  • To develop individual knowledge and capability to improve co-op performance.
  • To form a network of co-op chairs/vice chairs for mutual support
  • To provide bespoke governance training as required.

Chairmen's Forum Dec 2018Most of those who attended are pictured right. From left to right: James Graham, SAOS who facilitated the day with me; Patrick Stephen, Scottish Pig Producers; Peter Salmon, Grampian Growers; Richard Buttterworth, Scotlean Pigs; Robin Austin, Tarff Valley; John Hutcheson, SAOS; Guy Lee, Borders Machinery Ring; Jim Mason, Scottish Agronomy; Pete Watson, ANM Group and Ian Watson, Farm Stock Scotland.

The topics covered by the group at the meeting were:

1 – Brexit and Future Policy – assessing the current position and acknowledging that while uncertainty continues, the ability to plan is constrained.

2 – The Innovation Process – looking at how co-op boards adopt an innovation strategy, and to understand the process of innovation better.

3 – What lessons can be learned from the failure of a co-op.

4 – Monitoring Co-op Performance – exercising accountability and monitoring the performance of the business is one of the key responsibilities of the board. It is about ensuring the business is performing as planned and taking early corrective action when required.”