SAOS Conference 2020 Open for Booking!

SAOS Conference 2020: Data – what’s the big deal?

We have organised a day packed with presentations and sessions that will allow delegates to see and hear that the future really is now – if we can gather and make the best use of our data. And we’re delighted to announce that ‘Stand Up Farmer’, Jim Smith, will be our guest speaker at dinner.

Once again we have several offers in place to encourage those who have not attended our conference before. There are a number of free ‘Next Generation’ places for co-op staff/members aged under 40 who are first time conference attendees, and any co-op with four or more attendees for the full 24-hour package gets a reduced rate for all attending.

In addition, we are again offering two free places to member co-ops who have not had members attend our conference previously. We know once members attend and benefit from the experience, they keep coming, so we’d really like more co-ops to benefit!

To confirm eligibility of these offers, please get in touch with otherwise please send in your booking forms in the usual ways.

We hope you can join us at Dunblane Hydro on 30th January, please book early to avoid disappointment – we do expect a busy day!