Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards – Success Through Partnership finalists

AS01252 SFD EA 2017


Things are hotting up as the annual Scotland Food & Drink Excellence awards presentation dinner draws closer (the event will be held at the EICC on the 18th of May).  SAOS is once again sponsoring the  Success Through Partnership Award, which was won last year by Aldi and The Natural Fruit & Beverage Company.

We’ve had entries from some great partnerships again this year, and our finalists are:



Scotty Brand: 

The opportunity for Scotty Brand arose when the Albert Bartlett team identified a gap in the market for branded Scottish produce.  The Rooster potato had been a great success as a branded potato and the team realised that Scotland has huge potential for further branded produce, but neither the Rooster nor the Albert Bartlett brands could credibly stretch to cover a range of non-potato products.  Working alone, the company would be limited to supplying potatoes, but working in collaboration allowed the company to offer a broad range of Scottish products, which has opened up new opportunities with retailers.  It was logical to team up with partners who were experts in growing other products in Scotland and Scotty Brand was identified as the ideal umbrella brand for the consortium.

From its beginnings in primary produce with 4 SKUs (“stock keeping unit” – each individual item is given a unique code) the Scotty Brand portfolio has expanded to encompass prepared fresh produce, ambient, meat, bakery and prepared soups and almost 30 SKUs.  It now has a range of products which sits across multiple categories, giving year round presence in the major retailers.  The strategic fit is strong – Scotty Brand provides the sales and marketing expertise; the partners provide the product expertise.

Fusion Whisky:

Fusion Whisky Ltd produces a series of premium fusion whiskies that are an innovative marriage of blending and branding; a product of unique collaborations between distilleries in Scotland and other countries.  Formed in partnership with Fife-based Adelphi Distillery Ltd, Fusion Whisky’s premium blends are created with Scotch and whisky sourced from international distilleries (Hanyu Distillery in Japan and Amrut Distillery in India to date).  Branding for the innovative blending concept is centred on the story of iconic Scots and their positive influence internationally, with a focus on the countries from which the whisky is sourced.

The Bay Fish and Chips:

The Bay Fish & Chips in Stonehaven has a strong partnership with Compass Group UK and Ireland for the distribution of the bespoke Bay Batter and Bay Fishcake. The partnership began with the distribution of The Bay Batter to the Compass Group’s ESS Offshore units in the North Sea. Compass focuses on top quality produce, traceability and supports health and wellbeing.  Bay Batter is a high quality product, produced without any colourings or additives, driving the healthy agenda.  It was never about just securing a contract with Compass, it was about maintaining a long-term relationship and this meant going the extra mile, providing offshore and army barracks training for chefs in how to use the product and attending showcases in London.   Now entering into the third year of its partnership with Compass, The Bay Fish and Chips is concentrating on getting its Bay Fishcake into every Compass sector, alongside The Bay Batter.