SAOS Training Module – Effective Co-op Governance

Wed 18 Jan 2017

Effective Co-op Governance Rational

The key to success for every co-operative business is great Governance. The role and importance of co-operative business in agriculture is increasing and becoming more complex, so the role of directors is ever more demanding. It is imperative that directors develop skills and knowledge to meet the challenge of change. This module is designed to provide straightforward practical guidance for any director to be active in the proper governance of their co-operative business. The work uses real case studies, which brings the subject alive, generating discussion and real world explanations for new and experienced directors.

Module topics include:

  • The importance of co-operation around the world, how and why it works.
  • Understanding individual and collective responsibility of directors and the board.
  • Some peculiarities of co-ops their different structures, members capital, democracy.
  • The respective roles of the Chairman, Co. Secretary, Directors and Managers.
  • The functions of capital, contracts, rules and members agreements.
  • Dilemmas and balance between governing policy, strategy, supervision & accountability.
  • Legal responsibilities and the new Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

At the completion of the module participants should be able to:

  • Understand the co-op business model, the co-op advantage and significance of co-ops throughout the world.
  • Define and explain the key principles and elements of good co-op governance.
  • Analyse directors’ legal duties and liabilities
  • Understand the role of the board and what makes a good board.
  • Appreciate the importance of the Co-op’s rules, members’ agreements and contracts
  • Recognise the leadership requirements, the nature of risk and the need to manage change effectively.

To book a place please contact Jim Booth – or 01651 843607.