SAOS’s Co-op Development Plan

Every year, SAOS undertakes a range of projects to help develop co-operation and collaboration across our members’ co-op businesses and the wider rural community. The overall aim is to underpin the development of co-ops and contribute to growing co-operation and collaboration towards the following outcomes:

• Sustainable growth in profitability through increased market-orientation, competitiveness and resource efficiency

• Increased productivity achieved through accelerated innovation

• Better connection of agriculture with the food and drink sector

• Higher levels of resilience to shocks and future challenges

• A lower carbon and more climate-resilient economy.

The work is funded by Scottish Government through Scotland Food & Drink’s Ambition 2030.

This year (2019/20) we have eight distinct projects, many of which are ongoing while some are new, such as the Co-op Innovation Service. Below are all the projects and the benefits to participating co-ops. Another of the benefits of participating is that member co-ops receive a number of free development days from SAOS.

If you are interested in finding out more about these exciting projects and what we can do for your co-op please do not hesitate to get in touch with or