SAOS Training Module – Developing Strategic Capability

Wed 1st February 2017

Rational – Developing Strategic Capability

The purpose of this module is to provide an understanding of the value and importance of strategic planning, the processes and methods by which it may be undertaken, and the strategies that co-ops might employ.

The main responsibility of a board is to establish the co-op’s purpose and vision, to set clear business objectives and to develop a strategy for their achievement. Co-ops who don’t think strategically and develop strategic plans will inevitably fail. This module is an overview of the principles and processes of strategic planning and co-op business development. Directors need to understand what business their co-op is in, how it adds value and competes in the market. This long-term planning is essential for future success.

Module Topics include:

  • Understanding the challenge of strategic planning.
  • Reviewing co-op purpose – why was the co-op formed? What is the member value proposition?
  • Establishing a vision and setting business objectives.
  • Market analysis tools.
  • Internal analysis – critical analysis of the co-op; how do you compete in the market? What are your core competencies?
  • Strategy formulation – main alternative strategies.
  • Implementation – putting the plan into action; staff’s role; managing change; engaging members.

At the completion of the module participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance and need to develop a strategy for their co-op.
  • Apply the various tools and techniques of strategic planning for the analysis, evaluation and formulation of a strategy.
  • Understand the concepts of competitive advantage and how co-ops compete in their markets.
  • Develop experience in the implementation of strategic decisions and the ability to manage change.

To book a place please contact Jim Booth – or on 01651 843607.