SAOS Training Module – Marketing and Member Engagement

Thurs 16th February 2017

Rational – Marketing and Member Engagement

Treating your members the way you would like to be treated yourself will ensure they are loyal, committed and involved in your co-op.

Most people who have a bad experience won’t complain, but they will tell nine others, while people who receive excellent service only tell four others.

What are your members saying about your organisation, how will you find new members and how can you strengthen your brand?

Marketing and member engagement will enable your co-op to develop a better understanding of what your members need and how those needs might be satisfied. It will also highlight the key principles of communication and how they can be utilised to present a more positive image for your business.

Key elements of the course include:

  • The seven P’s of the marketing mix – how these relate to your co-op and the products and services it provides to members.
  • The importance of people within your organisation and how they impact on what members think about your co-op.
  • Foundation blocks of good service, the use of surveys to help understand what members want and the development of service quality charters.
  • The communication process and the tools you can use: member meetings, the AGM, newsletters, your website, email, twitter etc.
  • How to review and improve your communications encompassing the key tests of cost, control, credibility and interactivity.
  • How to influence word of mouth.

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